WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Pod Mod Vapes
Pre-filled Vape Pods
Lava Stick
Disposable E-Shisha Pens
Broader Appeal & Smoother Hit

Portable Pod Mod Vaporizer

Whether you're at home or at the office, the Lava 2 Vape Pod System has all of your vaping needs covered throughout the day. By using this revolutionary pod system, you save yourself money, frustration, time and space in your pocket without compromising the experience.

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Tasty Not Pricey

Pre-filled Pods

Seduce your taste buds with the Lava 2 Pre-Filled replacement pods that come in a variety of tropical and classic flavors to fit everyones taste. Stop overpaying for expensive e-liquid bottles that spill almost all the time due to loose caps and small gaps!

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Disposable E-Hookah

Disposable E Shisha Pens

Flavorful salutations to those who are looking to quit smoking and to all you brave hookah lovers! Disposable e shisha pen contains our custom made lava juice which is becoming Americas favorite e-juice of the year.

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Quality Control & Customer Service

While maintaining quality and satisfaction offered at low prices, Lava2's skilled professionals invest tremendous time and effort to supply the suitable products for your needs. Through influencing their long-term relationships with those who are looking to quit smoking or those who love to vape, Lava2 provides customers with products, services, and savings that cannot be competed with.


Our Team of Experts

The sourcing team frequently researches and studies the best ingredients, technology, and culture behind each and every product that is supplied. In conclusion, all your favorite pre-filled pods with classic and tropical flavors and high-quality pod mod vaporizers for less every day... That's who we are.

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